The effectiveness of a training program lies in its methodology and the activities it offers participants. Active training design gives you tools needed to create engaging programs and workshops by creating activities that ensure the acquisition of new skills.


Develop and structure training material and activities for better learning transfer!

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  1. Make the training program relevant: choose training activities related to the daily tasks of participants

  2. Motivate participants: present participants with activities that are in line with their professional objectives

  3. Make the training program engaging: lead participants to apply their acquired skills.


  • Define objectives in terms of skills to acquire

  • Identify situations in which participants will have critical decisions to make

  • Create a simulation activity in which participants will have to intervene

  • Structure activities according to a realistic schedule

  • Determine the essential skills needed to succeed

  • Choose training situations that mirror the participant’s reality

  • Provide concrete ways to self-assess and observe

  • Identify the attitudes required to apply these techniques

  • Create scenarios that raise awareness of attitudes

  • Promote discovery through sharing experiences

  • Adapt the pace and level of activities according to the group

  • Prepare relevant discussions and comments for different stages of simulations


All trainers needing to create tailored training sessions that develop specific skills

To maximize training efficiency, the number of participants is limited to 12 per group.

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