Advanced Leadership


Evolve from manager to Gestionnaire d'Impact!

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The current business environment is characterized by constant turbulence: mergers, acquisitions, increased competition, currency fluctuations, etc.

In this context, the skills of managers, whose roles continue to become more complex, become deciding factors in the success of companies. In addition, because of the retirement of baby boomers, more and more people are being promoted to management positions without being well equipped to face such great challenges. In fact, the scarcity of the workforce is putting pressure on companies, which must entrust their employees with greater responsibilities.

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Ask yourself the question

Are you able to adapt to your employees? Are you a good motivator or a good coach?

You have probably already undergone training without achieving the expected results. Perhaps, it lacked concrete tools, the time allocated to develop skills was insufficient, or there was overlap between the modules. Rather than giving a general training, our approach focuses on the concrete skills you need to use on a daily basis. 

The Training

Skills Modules

The program Advanced Leadership Training develops the following skills: 

Self-management : Improve your level of self-management and become a better example for your employees. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your pitfalls? Improve your ability to adapt and manage change.

Supervising : Adapt your management to your employees and manage their priorities. Improve fundamental skills specific to your role as a  manager: Plan, organize, direct, and control.

Leading : Effective leaders know how to achieve superior performance by maintaining constructive relationships with their employees.

Coaching : What is a coach manager? It's someone who is able to advise, guide, train, and confront their employees so that objects are not only met but surpassed.

Motivating : Inspire around a common vision, encourage collaboration, chart the course, and encourage your team. Being a good advocate is about finding challenges and opportunities for change, development, improvement, and innovation.

The Training

Added Value

Maximize the learning through this active training which has a ratio of 70% application, 20% presentation,  and 10% peer learning. 

                The 360 ​​assessment assesses your managerial skills so that you can work on your real needs.

Evaluate your skills profile and develop the skills needed for your organization using our tools: psychometric questionnaire, self-assessment, individualized development plan, etc.

                            Our online capsules will allow you to have a follow-up on each of our skills modules.

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Advanced Leadership Training is training aimed at developing the skills of managers.

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