Actualisation has proven itself by distinguishing itself by the quality of its services, and has established itself in its sector with an integrated and practical approach which is the fruit of over forty years of expertise.


We not only offer quality services, but we also respond to the specific needs of each of our clients by customizing them to their situation while taking into consideration their constraints. We've helped clients in the past years in the following mandates: organizational diagnostics, change management, kaizen and organizational performance, human resources development plans, succession management, international recruitment.


Training requirements planning

We assist organizations of all levels in training management, both at the level of design and global analysis of training requirements as well as analysis and planning of individual training requirements.

Material creation for tailored training

Our experts aim to create personalized and high quality training material whether it's for people skills or technical skills.

Skills profile

Having executed many mandates in creating skill profiles, we highlight the importance of matching skills with internal procedures, positions requirements, human resources, as well as with other functions in your organization.


Organizational and team diagnostics

We have significant experience in performing organization diagnostics while doing a complete analysis of the organization in order to offer advising and concrete solutions for you. In addition, we perform team diagnostics to evaluate a team's strengths and areas for improvement, in order to propose avenues for solutions and team consolidation. With the intent of reaching or maintaining a high level of engagement and a positive workplace environment, we offer recommendations that reflect your real needs.

Team development with psychometric tools

With the goal of promoting mutual comprehension while understanding the personality of each collaborator and thus ensure better cohesion of team members, we offer psychometric evaluations  (MBTI, TRIMA, Porter, etc.)


Strategic planning

We assist organizations in analyzing their business environment to answer fundamental questions that will help develop a strategic plan that can grow the organization and facilitate the alignment and consistency of its actions.

Change management

Our team of experts has developed expertise in change management through a proven approach, which helps individuals and organizations achieve a smooth transition. Whether it's a reorganization, cultural change or other type of change, we care about your success.


Personal Assistance 

We provide experienced certified coaches to our clients. These coaching sessions are also carried out during training initiatives. Coaching at Actualisation also serves as a reinforcement mechanism during the training courses to promote the transfer of learning (before, during and after the training). When the coaches accompanies the participants through a training program, they also follow a personalized development plan that aims to promote selective attention to the content elements of the training course followed by the participants.



Psychometric testing is an effective tool for evaluating competency profiles. Not only does our team have the expertise to administer several types of psychometric questionnaires, but we also hold several accreditations for products such as: TRIMA, Personality Strength Inventory and more. Psychometric tools and assessments complement each other, including the selection process and the design of individualized development plans.


We offer you skill development with the help of your peers through the co-development approach. This approach is based on guided exchanges during which the participants will act as consultants for a peer, in solving problems in the following steps: helping a colleague who is experiencing a concrete problem, helping them structure their request, proposing a solution, and guiding the exchanges.

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