Every salesperson sells using their preferred personal style. However, each customer also has their own personal style with which they buy and interact with the seller. A salesperson who knows how to adapt their sales style and act according to the client’s needs will ultimately make better connections and better sales.


Adapt to your customer’s style for more efficient sales techniques

2 Days

Édifice Steel

4080, rue Wellington, bureau 300

Montréal (Québec) H4G 1V4


  1. Identify the main personality styles and their effects on a customer's behavior

  2. Understand how salesperson and client styles can be complementary, opposite or distant


  • Recognise personality styles

  • Quickly identify the personality style of your client

  • Adapt your presentation to the style of your client

  • Identify your own personality style

  • Build on your strengths and those of your client

  • Expand your repertoire of ways to influence the client

  • Adapt your approach tense situations

  • Close deals tailored to people of every style


All representatives or professional salespeople aiming to build and maintain positive relationships with a variety of clients.


To maximize training efficiency, the number of participants is limited to 12 per group.

About the Trainers

Louis Fortin

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Michel Di-Lillo

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Jonathan Sullivan

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Anida Duda

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