It can sometimes be difficult for certain participants to maintain their attention throughout a theoretical training program. This program teaches you how to design training programs that integrate gamification since learning though play is an effective strategy for transmitting knowledge to participants.


Develop training sessions that promote retention of content through games!

1 Day

Édifice Steel

4080, rue Wellington, bureau 300

Montréal (Québec) H4G 1V4


  1. Define general concepts related to serious games

  2. Develop fun, engaging, and effective training material

  3. Practice applying a serious game project to a training session

  4. Avoid common pitfalls to gamification

  5. Identify future serious game trends


  • Design fun learning activities that promote learning and retention

  • Select appropriate activities based on content and clientele

  • Identify the benefits and pitfalls of using gamification

  • Integrate technology into training activities


Any content designer aiming to apply innovative approaches to their training programs.

To maximize training efficiency, the number of participants is limited to 12 per group.

About the Trainers

Louis Fortin

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Michel Di-Lillo

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Jonathan Sullivan

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Anida Duda

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4080, rue Wellington, bureau 300
Montréal (Québec) H4G 1V4

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